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Leo Logistics International Transportation

Insured Transportation with Logistics Vehicles with Austrian Plate. Customs Clearance System Advantages at Leo Logistic.

With Leo Logistic, an innovative international cargo transportation company established as Austria and Turkey headquarters, all your international shipments are safely delivered to their addresses with a professional and traceable service approach. With its superior technology, Leo Logistic allows you to track all your shipments in real time. Thanks to the professional transportation management application, Leo Logistic vehicles deliver your shipments to their addresses with high sensitivity and responsibility.



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Fast, Safe and Economical Transportation with Leo Logistic

Leo Logistic brings together the best solutions with international transportation service with all details considered. Your cargo is picked up from your address, protected at professional standards, and delivered to overseas addresses. With door-to-door service and continuous reporting, Leo Logistic adds a different dimension to transportation.

Now you have a solution partner with a secure, high quality and sustainable service guarantee for all your cargo shipments from your location to any part of Europe. Leo Logistic differs from many other transportation companies with its professional service network, real-time monitoring that offers the highest level of technology, instant reporting.

Reflecting technology and innovation to international cargo transportation, Leo Logistic strives to add new ones to its services that it started with road transportation every day. We are proud of providing high standards of shipment service to the final consumer by land, air, and sea transportation. You can also get support from the Leo Logistic expert team for all your shipments and reach the best price with our price calculation tools.